This ultra- luxurious, soothing and enriching collection is made from a blended, creamy olive oil base. Each round is enhanced with a bouquet of only natural colourants (eg cocoa), botanicals, pure essential oils and unrefined shea butter.

Double Latte

With vanilla essential oil and freshly ground coffee beans.

Spa Bar

With purifying lime, bergamot, patchouli essential oils and kelp.

Chocolate Orange Créme

With carrot tissue oil, orange essential oil and cocoa.

Vanilla Chai

With vanilla, cinnamon, orange and nutmeg essential oils and ground ginger.


With rosewood and nutmeg essential oil and sandalwood powder.

Citrus Twist

With organic lemon and lemongrass essential oil, poppy seeds and lemon peel.

Avocado Butter

With avocado butter and neem powder.

Cut Your Own


Allergic reactions to natural ingredients are uncommon. If you are allergy prone test soap on a small patch of skin. Check over a period of 24 hours. If redness or irritation occurs then discontinue use. If in doubt about any ingredients (particularly if pregnant) please consult a doctor or aromatherapist.

The Ideal Gift

Suitable for the whole family, we offer fifteen 125gm bars for only R390.00 excl. P&P..

Sample Packs

Not sure what to order?

We offer sample packs containing four assorted 125gm soaps for R180.00 which includes post and packing (via SA Post Office) to any part of South Africa.

Vintage Soap Box

A wide selection - try the Vintage Soap Box.

A farmerís market box of 1,5kg (R270.00 excl. P&P) or 2kg (R360.00 excl. P&P) of unlabelled soaps from our older stock which includes guest and full size bars!