Only the Finest Ingredients

Our traditional soap is an extra thick bar, of convenient shape and hand cut. We make it from only the finest ingredients and is strictly first class in every respect. We are proud to offer such a range of traditional quality soaps.

Olive Oil

  • Known skin moisturizer
  • Acts as a barrier to seal in the skin's natural moisture
  • Prevents moisture loss caused by the environment

Castor Oil

  • Produces smaller bubbles in shaving bar giving intensity to the lather.
  • An excellent emollient

Coconut Oil

  • Creates a silky textured soap
  • Yields a creamy lather


  • Also known as sodium hyroxide
  • Used in the 'saponification' process

Shea Butter

  • Luxurious moisturizer

Wheat Germ Oil

  • Nourishing, creamy lather
  • Natural preservative

Palm Oil

  • Yields a mild, firm soap

Mineral Water

  • Adds to the purity of the product
  • A 'lye solution' is made using water and sodium hydroxide


An additive enhances the soap's moisturizing, cleansing and soothing properties. Additives include:

  • Natural Colourants (e.g. cinnamon powder)
  • Pure Essential Oils (e.g. lavender)
  • Botanicals (e.g. dried herbs)
  • Exfoliants (e.g. ground coffee)


Allergic reactions to natural ingredients are uncommon. If you are allergy prone test soap on a small patch of skin. Check over a period of 24 hours. If redness or irritation occurs then discontinue use. If in doubt about any ingredients (particularly if pregnant) please consult a doctor or aromatherapist.

The Ideal Gift

Suitable for the whole family, we offer ten 125gm bars for only R320.00 excl. P&P..

Sample Packs

Not sure what to order?

We offer sample packs containing four assorted 125gm soaps for R190.00 which includes post and packing (via SA Post Office) to any part of South Africa.

Vintage Soap Box

A wide selection - try the Vintage Soap Box.

A farmerís market box of 1,5kg (R330.00 excl. P&P) or 2.5kg (R480.00 excl. P&P) of unlabelled soaps from our older stock which includes guest and full size bars!