Care of Our Soaps

  • Store in a dark, dry, well ventilated place if not used.
  • The "scent" of essential oil is subtle. Our soaps have generous amounts of essential oil added to them. Full benefit is experienced when used.
  • Soaps vary in colour. Brown & white spots are quite normal.
  • When in use, do not allow to stand in water. Place in a soap dish that has drainage holes, away from direct sunlight.
  • Use a natural wash cloth or loofah to extend its life.
  • Ideally use immediately. Within six months to a year of purchase is recommended.
  • Years beyond this period it is still very usable but will have lost some scent

The Ideal Gift

Suitable for the whole family, we offer fifteen 125gm bars for only R390.00 excl. P&P..

Sample Packs

Not sure what to order?

We offer sample packs containing four assorted 125gm soaps for R180.00 which includes post and packing (via SA Post Office) to any part of South Africa.

Vintage Soap Box

A wide selection - try the Vintage Soap Box.

A farmerís market box of 1,5kg (R270.00 excl. P&P) or 2kg (R360.00 excl. P&P) of unlabelled soaps from our older stock which includes guest and full size bars!